Grazing Spatial Analysis Tool

Basic Information
Name: Grazing Spatial Analysis Tool
Acronym: GSAT
Author/Owner/Steward: NRCS Grazing Lands Technology Institute
Type: Tool
Platform: Standalone Windows Application

Description from Website

NO LONGER SUPPORTED Grazinglands Spatial Analysis Tool (GSAT Basic) is a stand alone decision support tool utilized to inventory grazing resources and animals (domestic and wild). This application is used to assess the relationship between grazing supply and animal demand. It can help determine the best level of stocking to meet the needs of the land and the grazing animals. GSAT was developed to assist in the conservation planning process on grazing lands. This tool combines the inventory process of grazing lands in combination with spatial analysis tools to provide accuracy and quick alternative assessments for resource planning. This tool offers the land planner a method to assess the forage supply in relationship to the animal demand. GSAT offers a simple process to generate new files or access existing files through Customer Service Toolkit (CST). Reports such forage and animal balance can be generated as well as a comparative evaluation of each alternative which can be saved in the customer’s file. Each of these reports can serve as documentation for required management in agency programs.NO LONGER SUPPORTED

Contact Information

Contact Name: George Peacock, NRCS
Contact Email:

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