Land Treatment Digital Library

Basic Information
Name: USGS Land Treatment Digital Library
Acronym: LTDL
Author/Owner/Steward: USGS
Type: Database
Platform: Microsoft Access/SQLServer
Website: LTDL Publication and Information

Description from Website

In the Great Basin, land management agencies actively manipulate vegetation for livestock, wildlife, fire reduction, and other needs. Federal mandates require land managers to evaluate and monitor the effects of their actions, and recent forums recommend analyzing results to evaluate the cumulative effects on plant communities and wildlife habitats. Post-treatment monitoring programs can inform future actions through adaptive management principles. The goal of this project is to provide a centralized digital library for land and resource agencies in the Great Basin to produce maps, generate reports, and conduct landscape-level analyses that cross administrative boundaries. The USGS is uniquely capable of providing data storage, retrieval, mapping, and analytical tools necessary for landscape-level monitoring of management activities because of our ability to conduct large-scale research, our commitment to long-term monitoring, and the multi-disciplinary structure of our agency, including mapping and biological disciplines.

Contact Information

Contact Name: David Pilliod
Contact Email:

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