Weed Information Management System

Basic Information
Name: Weed Information Management System
Acronym: WIMS
Author/Owner/Steward: The Nature Conservancy, iMapInvasives
Type: Database
Platform: Microsoft Access
Website: iMapInvasives website

Description from Website

The Nature Conservancy’s (TNC) Weed Information Management System v. 3.0 (WIMS 3) is a Microsoft Access-based relational database application that is designed to assist natural resource managers in managing their weed data. WIMS 3 keeps track of three types of data records: * Weed occurrences (GPS point locations) * Assessments (size and status of the weed infestation to facilitate monitoring over time) * Management treatments applied to those weed infestations Data can be easily exchanged between multiple users, exported in NAWMA (North American Weed Management Association) standards, and written to shapefiles for mapping in any standard GIS program. WIMS can be also be used to easily generate a variety of reports. Additionally, WIMS 3 can be used on a handheld unit (either MS Windows-based Pocket PC or Trimble) with a GPS unit to capture data in the field. When using WIMS 3 on a handheld unit with an ArcPad interface, site managers can use background imagery and other GIS layers for mapping weeds, and then upload the new data into the Access database with a few mouse clicks!

Contact Information

Contact Name: Meg Wilkinson, Coordinator, IS Database Program
Contact Email: mewilkin@gw.dec.state.ny.us
URL: http://imapinvasives.org

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