Jornada Sampling Tools for ArcGIS

Basic Information
Name: Jornada Sample Design Tool for ArcGIS
Acronym: none
Author/Owner/Steward: Jornada Experimental Range, USDA-ARS
Type: Tool
Platform: ArcGIS Toolbox
Download:will be updated shortly


An ArcGIS Toolbox developed by the Jornada Experimental Range with a number of tools in it for selecting or generating random samples within ArcGIS. These tools were initially developed to do unequal probability sampling (both simple and stratified), but more basic sampling tools have been included. More sampling tools will be added to this toolbox over time

Tools Included in this version
  • Simple random sampling with equal probability
  • Random sampling with unequal probability
  • Stratified random sampling with equal probability
  • Simple random feature selection with equal probability
  • Random feature selection with unequal probability
  • Systematic sampling with a random start location
System Requirements
  • ArcGIS 9.2 or 9.3
  • Python 2.4 or later (generally installed as part of ArcGIS)

These tools were developed as an ArcGIS Toolbox that can be added to any ArcMap or ArcCatalog session without the need for the user to have administrative privileges on their computer. To install, first extract (i.e., unzip) the download file and save the Jornada Sampling Tools.tbx file and the scripts directory (which contains the python files that run the sample selections) in a place where you can get to them. Within ArcMap or ArcCatalog, add the toolbox to your current session. For the information on adding Toolboxes to ArcGIS, visit the following link:

Contact Information

Contact Name: Jason Karl
Contact Email:
URL: will be updated shortly

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