Multi-Scale Sampling Requirements Evaluation Tool

Basic Information
Name: Multi-scale Sampling Requirements Evaluation Tool
Acronym: MSSRET
Author/Owner/Steward: USDA NRCS and ARS Jornada Experimental Range
Type: Tool
Platform: Microsoft Excel Workbook

Description from Website

The Multi-Scale Sampling Requirements Tool (MSSRET) is an easy-to-use tool for pre-project planning (i.e., sample size calculation) and post-project evaluation of the sufficiency of sampling to meet a stated objective (i.e., power analysis). MSSRET uses pilot sampling data to estimate the number of samples needed to detect a stated minimum detectable difference (MDD). MSSRET can also be used with the final sampling data to determine the power of the data to detect a given MDD or the actual MDD of the final data.

MSSRET was originally developed as a suite of tools in Excel Workbooks for soil sampling. To make MSSRET more general, accessible, and easier to use, it was converted to a web-based application (URL above). With the web-based version of MSSRET, data can be entered directly or imported/exported via Excel spreadsheets. The MSSRET results can also be printed in report form.


  • Tugel, Arlene J., Skye A. Wills, and Jeffrey E. Herrick. 2008. Soil Change Guide: Procedures for Soil Survey and Resource Inventory, Version 1.1. USDA, Natural Resources Conservation Service, National Soil Survey Center, Lincoln, NE.

Contact Information

Contact Name: Jason Karl, Skye Wills
Contact Email:,

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