Fire Effects Monitoring and Inventory Protocol

written by Grant Hamilton
Basic Information
Acronym: FIREMON
Author/Owner/Steward: US Forest Service, National Park Service, and US Geological Survey
Type: Manuals (downloadable as pdfs), MS Access databases


FIREMON is a suite of sampling methods, Access databases, and protocols developed by an independent team of researchers with federal agencies and the Universities of Idaho and Montana to aid federal land managers in monitoring and responding to the long-term ecological effects of fire. All of the FIREMON tools are available for free. The following components make up the FIREMON suite.

Sampling Methods

Includes sampling forms/data sheets, monitoring protocols/methods, and field equipment checklists for monitoring these characteristics, forms to record metadata information and fire behavior, as well as a general FIREMON ‘How to Guide’, appendices, and glossary. The following topics are addressed:

  • plot description
  • tree data
  • fuel load
  • species composition
  • cover/frequency
  • point intercept
  • density
  • line intercept
  • rare species

Landscape Assessment

Includes a guidebook on long-term monitoring of fire impact at the landscape using a variety of quantitative methods. Remote sensing and GIS methods such as the Normalized Burn Ratio (NBR), Burn Index (BI), and Composite Burn Index (CBI) are explained. Field methods are also discussed.

Integrated Sampling Design

Features a guidebook on sampling design for fire managers. The guidebook will help fire managers decide what statistical approach is appropriate for a sample design, the appropriate number of plots and where they should be located, and the sampling methods that should be used on the plots.

Software and Tools

The FIREMON database software allows users to enter data, generate summary reports, and perform other data management tasks. The FIREMON database software is available as a Java application or Microsoft Access database.


Lutes, D., Kean, R., Key, C., Benson, N., Caratti, J., and Gangi, L. (n.d.). FIREMON: Fire Effects Monitoring and Inventory Protocol. University of Idaho Fire Research and Management Exchange System (FRAMES).

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