Livestock and Environment Toolbox

Basic Information
Name: Livestock and Environment Toolbox
Acronym: none
Author/Owner/Steward: United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization
Type: Planing Tool
Platform: Web Tool
Website: Livestock and Environment Toolbox page

Description from Website

The Livestock and Environment Toolbox is a planning tool consisting of pages of information on livestock production systems and the way in which they interact with the environment. Access to these pages has been structured such that the reader can use the information, either to evaluate the impact of existing livestock systems on the environment, or to identify appropriate technology, policy and/or institutional management options, to alter the way in which livestock affect the environment under a given set of conditions. The toolbox is designed to be used in two main ways: 1) evaluate the impact of livestock management systems on the environment, and 2) identify appropriate technology, policy and/or institutional development options.


  • Campbell, K.L.I., Hodgson, N.H. and Gill, M. (eds) (1999). Livestock and Environment Toolbox. CD-ROM. Livestock, Environment and Development (LEAD) Initiative. Food and Agriculture Organisation of the United Nations FAO. Rome. ISBN 92-5-104445-7.

Contact Information

Contact Name: Mauricio Rosales
Contact Email:

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