Basic Information
Name: VegSpec
Acronym: none
Author/Owner/Steward: USDA NRCS
Type: Tool
Platform: Web Tool

Description from Website

NO LONGER SUPPORTED VegSpec is a Web-based decision support system that assists land managers in revegetation planning and design. VegSpec uses soil, plant, and climate data to select plant species that are (1) adapted to a specific site, (2) suitable for the selected practice (treatment), and (3) appropriate for the purposes and sub-purposes for which the planting is intended. VegSpec contains data on over 2,000 species of frequently used plants. Plants that are selected by VegSpec for a particular project should be reviewed by persons who are knowledgeable about the use of plants for revegetation and additional information about plants proposed by VegSpec should be sought. VegSpec does not include horticultural or gardening plants. VegSpec contains limited cultivar and germplasm releases. For expanded information about cultivars and releases, please contact your revegetation or plant materials specialist. Every selected practice (treatment), purpose, and subpurpose as you progress through the species selection process will filter out plants and reduce the size of your potential plant list. NO LONGER SUPPORTED

Contact Information

Contact Name: James Henson
Contact Email:

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